Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance
    The Ohio State University

Margaret Garland is originally from Dayton, Ohio, where she received the majority of her dance training. While being trained in such forms as jazz, tap, musical theatre, contemporary, ballet, pointe, and modern, Garland found a preference to contemporary and modern dance technique. Through the course of her dance training, she has studied in programs including Dayton Contemporary Dance Company's Summer Intensive, Point Park University's International Summer Dance, and Mamluft&co.'s Summer Modern Dance Workshop/Intensive.

Upon entering The Ohio State University in 2015, Garland began her collegiate career pursuing a BA in Speech and Hearing Sciences, with plans of graduating equipped to become a Speech Language Pathologist. Currently, she is pursuing a BFA in Dance at The Ohio State University, and takes great interest in dance as means of nonverbal communication, particularly in speech rehabilitation and therapy. In addition, Garland looks forward to exploring her roles as choreographer, performer, and dance educator in her time as an undergraduate in The Ohio State University Department of Dance.


Here is a place to compile my thoughts, discoveries, ideas, and reflections as an undergraduate in pursuit of my BFA in Dance. I am excited to share my research, while allowing these discoveries to manifest in my movement practice, development as a dancer, and growth as a human being. 



artist statement

       Simply, I am a dancer because I never stop dancing. Dance is found in all that I do-- when I run, walk, sit, stand, think, breathe, I am dancing. This art commandeered my brain, and I am hungry to explore its bottomless vat. I dance because I want to learn more of something without a straightforward answer. Or more wonderfully, no answer at all. Dancing simultaneously keeps me detail oriented, but mindful of a larger picture- something greater than me. Dance is a unique facet of academia in that it culminates the entirety of my being-- my physical, mental, and emotional self into one cohesive but independent body.. one field of study.  Dance excites me to share, create, explore, and grow as a human being. Dancing gives me the courage to take risk. Dancing gives me me the courage to say yes. And we all need more yeses. 

       I chose to pursue a BFA in Dance because I could not keep myself from the plethora of ideas and experiences that exists uniquely in Dance. To live a life without movement, change, and motion would not be my life. I am challenged by the unique intelligence of dancers. I am enamored by motion, and my curiosity remains endless. 

    So here is to trusting instinct. Here is to playing. Here is to the value of acknowledgment. Here is to quiet strength. Here is to loudness. Here is to success in failure. Here is to learning. Here is to openness, sharing, and kindness. Here is to journeying. Here is to trusting yourself and others. Here is to Dance. 



As a Dance major,  my studies are largely embedded in my physical practice. However, attending a research university like Ohio State allows me to explore my studies in Dance academia through facets including, but not limited to, my physical exploration. Throughout my undergraduate studies, I will archive my data, discoveries, and research. Here, you will find some research I have completed thus far.